(One)FAMILY LINE 1800 TO 1911

Michael Streeter  born in 1804 in Tarring/ Salvington Worthing

On the 23rd of may 1829 Michael married Charlotte Denn (born @1806) in  Sompting.  By the 1841 census Michael and Charlotte had 4 children ., Stephen born @ 1831 , George born @1833 , David born @1835 and Susannah born @1840 . Michael was always on the census as an agricultural worker (farm hand?) though by 1881 at the age of 76 was down as a gardener .. Of the children , it seems George became a bricklayers assistant ,while Susannah stayed with her parents ,  in the  1881 census Susannah was noted as “ of feeble mind since childhood” . David  it seems took to the  sea and in 1881 was master of the trawler Isobella .

Stephen Streeter born in  1831

It seems like his uncle David he was a wanderer . He actually got married on the  26th dec 1853 at Findon to Mary Mitchell (born 1833 in Findon ) No record has been found yet beyond that date for Stephen  However in 1861 Mary was living with her windowed mother . In the 1871 census however Mary was living with just her children and was marked as a “widow” Stephen never reached 40 years old   Their children were David (middle name Binley -unusual )  Born in Worthing in 1858. Daughters Sarah was born in Worthing  in 1864 and Diana was born in Findon in 1860 .  . By the time David was 23 in 1881 he was a bricklayer living with grandparents , Michael and Charlotte . ( It appears he  moved to London ) . The final son was Isaac

Isaac Streeter born in Findon in 1862 .

 Isaac  seems to have had the desire to go wandering  like his father and uncle . Not been traced in 1881, he appeared in the north-east in Sunderland and married a local girl Jane Branders  (born 1860), Jane and her sister were“fishmongers assistants “ and their father was a pilot more than like for the port of Sunderland    .In the 1891 census Isaac was down as a mariner ( seaman was written down but crossed out) By the 1901 census they were settled in Sunderland and Isaac was now a miner , a hewer ( the miner chipping away at the coal face) In total they had 4 children Stephen born 1878 , Mary born 1891 ,  William born 1895  and Robert born  1898

William Coxon Streeter born  in Sunderland in 1895

 By 1911 the family were living in Birtley just south of Gateshead ,however sadly Jane had died , (under 50) and Isaac was a widower . Still in the pits as a hewer as was the eldest son Stephen . William ,just being 17 was obviously a junior in the pit and was a putter ( a Putter was a miner who propelled the  underground trucks – usually one of the younger crew)  By 1922 he was a coal hewer and married to Barbara Powell

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